Art Burke, Hecker & Co, Chairman

Bill Darnstadt, Lyons-Pinner Electric

Frank Lizzadro, Meade Electric

Lance Rosenmayer, Intren

Carole Krutilla Administrative Assistant

Years at the Fund Office:  10 - Extension 550

  • MemberXG password resets
  • Summary Plan Descriptions and other forms
  • Order new BCBS cards
  • Change of address
  • When you're not sure who to contact

Becky Thames-Simmons Fund Administrator

Years at the Fund Office:  20 - Extension 555

  • HRA - Health Reimbursement Arrangement
  • Short Term Disability and other claims management support
  • Benefits appeals to the Board of Trustees
  • Regulatory compliance and Fund Office management

G e t   i n   t o u c h

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Samantha Posluszny Benefits Administrator

Years at the Fund Office:  11 - Extension 554

  • Quarterly eligibility, COBRA and Self-pay
  • SUB and H+W death benefit claims
  • Welfare reciprocity
  • Enrollment for Spouses, Dependents

IBEW9+MSECA Fringe Benefits Funds

Teresa Jesionowski Benefits Administrator

Years at the Fund Office:  12 - Extension 554

  • Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pension questions, applications
  • DB and DC pensions reciprocity
  • Employer contributions
  • Employer bonds, delinquencies

IBEW Local No. 9:

Bill Niesman, Secretary

John Burkard

John Dowling

Kevin Schuster

The Board of Trustees

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