View or download instructions for determining how to report different hourly wage rates, hours worked, and gross wages  - including how wage capping works - here.

How do I report via EmployerXG?
Contact BeneSys at 866-661-1021 to get started. To help move things along, download and complete the EmployerXG Signup and Portal Authorization and email it to the Fund Office. You may hand-key your reports in EmployerXG if you wish, and instructions are available for creating your own upload file if you prefer that method.  

Check out the Introduction to EmployerXG for some key reporting information, and download the EmployerXG User Guide.
How do I connect to EmployerXG?
You can link securely to EmployerXG here. You must have your EmployerXG login and password in order to use the system.

How do I report dues?
Dues are reported using EPR Live. Contact Mary Beth Kaczmarek at the IBEW Local 9 Union Hall at 708-449-9000 or by email.

What is IBEW9+MSECA's delinquency policy?
The Delinquency Policy is part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Please contact the Local 9 Union Hall to obtain a copy of the CBA.

I've over-reported. What do I do?
Retrieve IBEW9+MSECA's Refund Policy here.

​Important changes - Please Read!

Reporting contributions in IBEW Local 9's jurisdiction

requires two things:

  • ​​First, you must submit a fringe benefits bond in the required format. Employers are not allowed to report until a satisfactory bond is in place.

  • Second, you must report contributions using the EmployerXG web app.​

E m p l o y e r s

IBEW9+MSECA Fringe Benefits Funds

The companies that fund the benefits

                                                                       The IBEW9-MSECA Excel spreadsheet previously used to create uploadable dues and benefits files is no longer available. If you continue to use a saved copy of the spreadsheet for any purpose, you do so at your own risk.  The spreadsheet is no longer supported and/or maintained by the Fund Office or Union Office.  See additional information about the new dues reporting method here (login required).

Download this 

this write-able pdf

bond form.  

HUGE time saver!