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As you know the information is changing on an hourly basis about the COVID19 strain of the Corona Virus. 

For up to date information regarding the disease, information on how to prevent illness and recommendations if you are sick you can go to the Center for Disease Control website (www.cdc.gov).

Here is Important information from the Trustees regarding benefits related to COVID-19

Important Information

Another great resource is our Employee Assistance Program Manager - Employee Resource Systems, Inc. (ERS)

ERS provides some helpful information as well as assistance for those struggling during this time.

Below are some helpful communications from ERS. 

ERS Phone Number : 800-292-2780

Website: www.ers-eap.com

COVID - 19 - Information

Coronavirus Germiest Thing In Your Office

Coronavirus What Employers Can Do


Below is a notice from Sav-Rx regarding refill of medication

Covid - 19 Preparedness